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Note: When fitted to a condensing boiler a flue gas heat recovery system (FGHRS) recovers heat from the flue products to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply. Passive flue gas heat recovery devices (PFGHRD) are a subset of FGHRS, they are passive (do not consume electricity) whereas an FGHRS may do.

If a FGHRS is "Integrated with boiler" it may or may not be a PFGHRD, however, since it is stored within the FGHRS table of the database (accessed via above search) it will normally contain an internal heat store. Certain PFGHRDs are available without heat stores; these will not normally be entered in the FGHRS table of the database, since their energy performance characteristics are incorporated in boiler test data. For a list of boilers with PFGHRDs with and without heat stores click here.

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