• News and updates

News and updates

04/10/2023 - There has been a data entry error for a small number of heat pumps in the PCDB. The listings affected have been marked as “not valid” and manufacturers have been asked to create new listings with the correct data. The “not valid” listing must not be used for any new SAP assessments – the new product listing must be used. It is only permissible to use the “not valid” listings for a re-calculation of a previous SAP assessment.

06/10/2016 - Revised heat pump performance method published (enabling recognition of Ecodesign test data)

26/11/2014 - Community Heat Networks and Boiler Compensating Controls & TTZC entered in the PCDB are now viewable on the website

24/11/2014 - Application documentation for Community Heat Networks has been added to the applications section of the website

24/07/2014 - Boiler efficiency support resources have been moved from the Boiler Efficiency Database website (www.boilers.org.uk) to the Building Energy Performance Assessment support website

30/04/2014 - Website now displays SAP 2012 data (in addition to SAP 2009 data)

21/03/2014 - Calculation tool for low temperature domestic heating systems added 

07/08/2013 - Website became operational