• Database applications

Database applications

Product data is held in either the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) or the SAP Appendix Q database. Since the incorporation of new technology types in the PCDB can only be undertaken when new versions of SAP are issued, product data for new technology types are held initially in the SAP Appendix Q database. Where applicable the applicant should declare whether they require listing within the SAP PCDB and/or the Appendix Q database.

Before requesting a product listing, please ensure that the product is listed within the table ‘Technology types listed within the SAP Product Characteristics Database (PCDB)' or Appendix Q database.

All applicable test methodologies pertaining to the specific technology are available from the test methods page.

Prior to submitting a listing application for an existing technology or a new technology application (Appendix Q), applicants should read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the listing of individual branded product performance data as an input to the National Calculation Methodologies for dwellings.

An application process for the recognition of new technologies within the National Calculation Methodology for energy rating non-domestic buildings, known as the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM), is also provided. This is often referenced as 'SBEM-Q'.

The following documents describe the processes used for PCDB and Appendix Q applications:

- PCDB application process and diagram

- Appendix Q application process and diagram

Please refer to the following application pages as appropriate:

- Database listing application for boilers & Micro-CHP

Database listing application for heat pumps and mechanical ventilation

- Database listing application (excluding boilers, Micro-CHP, heat pumps and mechanical ventilation)

- Apply for recognition of a new technology (Appendix Q)

- Apply for recognition of a new technology within SBEM