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Download the SAP Product Characteristics Database File (for SAP assessors only)

The National Calculation Methodology for energy rating of dwellings, referred to as SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure), provides for dwelling assessments using specific product data when made available within the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB).

The PCDB is a computer readable data file and is provided solely for use in approved SAP software programs which operate to defined quality procedures to check data validity. It should therefore only be downloaded by SAP assessors with approved software. The PCDB file is available in several file formats and for several SAP versions. The PCDB data file is not intended for any other purpose. The format is not published, and no assumptions should be made about data meaning.

The Product Characteristics Data File is updated monthly and uploaded to this webpage on the last working day of each month, excluding December where uploads typically occur on the 24th. Control lines included in the file state the revision number and date.

SAP 10 Files

SAP 2012 Files

SAP 2009 Files

SAP 2005 Files - No longer updated; last upload on 22 December 2017