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  • High heat retention storage heaters
  • Community heat networks

Product Characteristics Database (PCDB)

1) ‘SAP’, ‘RdSAP’ and ‘Appendix Q’ are not approval schemes; no approval or endorsement is implied. If a product is recognised by SAP, either in the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) or Appendix Q database, it does not mean that equivalent or better results could not be obtained with alternative products or dwelling designs.

(2) BRE and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) do not warrant the accuracy of data held within this website, or the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) or Appendix Q database, where it is derived from data supplied by manufacturers or test laboratories.

(3) BRE and BEIS do not accept any responsibility for fitness for purpose, safety, or any regulatory requirements applicable to products listed on this website, or in the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB), or in the Appendix Q database. BRE and BEIS do not accept any responsibility for the installation of any of the products listed.

(4) Small differences in the calculated SAP annual efficiency values, SAP Seasonal Performance Factors or any other performance data held within the PCDB or Appendix Q database will generally be within the test uncertainty range and are therefore not significant and should not be relied on when comparing products.

The Product Characteristics Database is updated monthly on the last working day of each month, excluding December where uploads typically occur on the 24th.

To view product data held in the Product Characteristics Database follow the Technology Type links above. To view the source data go to link.


Further information


The Product Characteristics Database

Databases are maintained to help SAP assessors find the correctly calculated seasonal efficiency and other characteristics for heating and other products, and to reduce risk of miscalculation and confusion with other data. They hold data in separate Tables for various products. Entries contain fields to aid product identification technical data relevant to SAP calculations.

The databases hold information on both current products and obsolete products. Data are submitted by manufacturers. Current products may later be marked as obsolete at the request of the manufacturer.


The Product Characteristics Data File

The Product Characteristics Data File is published monthly (on the last working day) and contains data on products in a form readable by SAP software.

The Product Characteristics Data File is intended only to assist SAP assessments, and is provided solely for SAP assessors to download to their energy rating computer programs. It holds data in separate tables on the following product types:

(i) Boilers, fired by gas, LPG or oil

(ii) Solid fuel boilers, fired by a variety of solid fuels

(iii) Cooker boilers with twin burners, fired by gas, LPG or oil

(iv) Micro-cogen (also known as micro-CHP), fired by gas, LPG, oil or solid fuel

(v) Heat pumps

(vi) Warm air heating systems

(vii) High-heat retention storage heaters (See SAP 2012, Section 9.2.8)

(viii) Flue gas heat recovery systems (FGHRS)

(ix) Heating controls (compensating boiler controls or time & temperature zone controls)

(x) Mechanical ventilation systems

(xi) Waste water heat recovery systems (WWHRS)

(xii) Community heat networks

Both current and obsolete products may be included. Future revisions may include data on other product types. The data file can also include other data that may need to be amended during the currency of a given SAP version, such as fuel prices and in-use factors.

For boilers, although other data is included, the most important items of information in the Product Characteristics Data File are the SAP winter and summer seasonal efficiencies. For gas and oil boilers, if test data is not available the SAP seasonal efficiencies will be type efficiencies, as given in Table 4b of the SAP specification.

The Product Characteristics Data File is held in computer-readable form on the Internet website www.boilers.org.uk, whence it can be downloaded to a SAP assessor’s personal computer on request.

The Product Characteristics Data File is updated monthly. Each new edition is published just before the first working day of each month (or, for January, on the first working day).

It is essential that SAP assessors use only the latest edition of the Product Characteristics Data File, as new editions may contain not just new entries but corrections to previous ones. Use of an edition more than one month old is a breach of quality control requirements, as consistency between surveys cannot then be assured and calculated SAP results may be invalid.

For systems whose characteristics are not included in the Product Characteristics Data File, the data needed for calculations are the default values as given in the SAP specification.