• Design and installation checklists

Design and installation checklists

System design checklists, installation and commissioning checklists and/or installation certificates are provided for certain technologies recognised in SAP. These are provided for different versions of SAP as appropriate and must be completed, signed and submitted to Building Control Officers and SAP assessors to enable recognition in SAP calculations.

NOTE: If a checklist is indicated as required, either via this website or directly by the manufacturer and it is not supplied to the SAP assessor, the product should not be included in SAP calculations.


SAP 2005

 De-centralised mechanical ventilation installation guide + checklist 

 Continuous mechanical extract ventilation installation guide + checklist

 Mechanical ventilation installation guide + checklist

 Heat pump installation certificate


SAP 2009/2012

 Solar air preheat positive input ventilation design checklist

Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide (2010) - Checklist (from Section 5)