Type Index number Status
Decentralised MEV 500755 Normal
Brand Model name Model qualifier
Titon Ultimate dMEV
System type decentralised mechanical extract ventilation
Duct type rigid  
Original manufacturer name Titon Hardware Ltd
Current manufacturer name Titon Hardware Ltd
Manufacturer address 894 The Crescent
Colchester Business Park
Manufacturer phone 01206 713800
Manufacturer website www.titon.co.uk
First year of manufacture 2021  
Final year of manufacture current  
Entry updated 29/03/2022 15:32  
In-room fan - kitchen 0.15  
In-room fan - other wet room 0.15  
In-duct fan - kitchen    
In-duct fan - other wet room    
Through-wall fan - kitchen 0.11  
Through-wall fan - other wet room 0.14  


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