Database listing application (including WWHR, FGHR, HHRSH & Heat Networks)

This page is applicable for the following technologies:

  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR)
  • Heat Networks
  • High Heat Retention Storage Heaters (HHRSH)
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR)

All applicable test methodologies pertaining to the specific technology are available from the test methods webpage.

For listing of applicable products please complete the general application form and submit to:

Prior to an application for listing, applicants should read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the listing of individual branded product performance data as an input to the National Calculation Methodologies for dwellings.

Supporting documents:

 Application form for a product under an existing product category

SAP PCDB guidance on listing dMEV for SAP10 inclusion

SAP PCDB data entry guidance – Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems

Processing of laboratory test data for FGHRS recognition

Application guide for entry of heat network performance data in SAP PCDB

Application Declaration for Heat Network by Network Operator

Application workbook for entry of heat networks in SAP PCDB

The process for listing a product on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) is shown below.

SAP Product Listing Process