Applying for recognition of a new technology category (Appendix Q)

The New Technology (Appendix Q) application process is outlined in the process diagram below and is described in more detail here.

SAP New Technology (Appendix Q) Recognition Application Process


To establish whether a new technology is suitable for recognition within SAP, please read and complete the application form and submit to

Before submitting an application for a new technology category (Appendix Q), please ensure that the product is not already listed within the table ‘Technology types listed within the SAP PCDB' or in the Appendix Q database.

The standard fee for a Feasibility Assessment is £2,000, whilst generic costs for all other application stages cannot be defined due to considerable variability between technologies.

The evaluation of new technology applications will follow a consistent and logical process as described in the documents below:

SAP New Technology recognition – Review decision logic

SAP New Technology recognition – Review decision logic diagram


For the appeals process please see here.