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I can't find a boiler (or other technology type) in the PCDB when searching for it, what should I do?

If a boiler, or any other Technology Type recognised by SAP, can't be found in the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) then an application has not been submitted by the Manufacturer. In this case, SAP assessments should be undertaken using default values.

In the case of heat pumps, their certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) does not imply a PCDB entry will necessarily exist.

Enquiries regarding the progress of Manufacturer applications cannot be responded to. All such enquiries should be directed to the Manufacturer.


Why has the SAP score within my EPC reduced when I replaced my electric storage heaters with direct-electric panel heaters?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) displays a rating of A to G (best to worst) based on the SAP score, which is a cost-based index (1-100). Electric storage heaters are able to use cheaper off-peak electricity and therefore cost less to heat a home. This means electric storage heaters provide a better EPC rating.


Where has the SAP Appendix Q website gone?

The SAP Appendix Q website (www.sap-appendixq.org.uk) has been superseded by the Building Energy Performance Assessment Support Website, which features all of the functionality* and data of the original website, plus a Product Characteristics Database viewing portal and hosting of Technical Support documention that supports SAP.

*Note: It is not possible to display Mechanical Ventilation product performance data in order to conduct comparisons.


Why was the SAP Appendix Q website replaced?

The SAP Appendix Q website (www.sap-appendixq.org.uk) design was outdated and limited to supporting the Appendix Q database and New Technology (Appendix Q) applications. The replacement Building Energy Performance Assessment Support Website supports all of the functions of the old Appendix Q and several more, including:

- An interface that enables the viewing of product data held on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB)

- Application forms for products (existing technologies) to be listed in the PCDB

- Terms and Conditions that are applicable to manufacturers and suppliers that are seeking to list individual products within the PCDB and/or Appendix Q database

- A library of technical support documents (which were presented less clearly in the old Appendix Q website), including Principle Papers that clarify the treatment of technologies that are currently being considered for recognition in SAP or that have been rejected


What about the www.boilers.org.uk (www.sedbuk.com) website?

Resources contained within the Boiler Efficiency Database website www.boilers.org.uk have been relocated to the Building Energy Performance Assessment support website. SAP software can still download the PCDB files from the same location and these can be viewed at www.boilers.org.uk/download.


Your website has changed and I can no longer find a way to check if a particular heat pump is SAP Appendix Q approved. I’ve clicked on the “search appendix q database” link and it takes me to loads of spreadsheets.  What happened to the online search tool?

SAP does not ‘approve’ products, please see the Terms and Conditions. Since SAP 2009, heat pumps have been recognised via the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) – therefore, if you search in this location you will determine whether a heat pump has been recognised for SAP, with data available for SAP calculations.

For reference, the heat pump (if recognised) will also be listed within the Appendix Q spreadsheet for use with SAP 2005. This spreadsheet can be downloaded from the Appendix Q database page.


What has happened to SEDBUK (2005) efficiency bands (A to G)

In SAP 2009 (SEDBUK 2009) the efficiency scale, which consisted of 7 bands from A to G, was dropped in lieu of the European Union's Ecodesign regulation (811/2013) coming into force. This regulation introduces similar efficiency bands and came into force on 26th September 2015. For further details on SAP boiler efficiency calculations, see here, then review the "further information" section.


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